Welcome To Jungo



AYSO is excited to introduce a new partnership with Jungo Sports. Jungo is the first and only feedback platform built to put players first while guiding development and connecting the broader youth sports ecosystem for support, player engagement, and retention. 

AYSO and Jungo are proud partners sharing the same mission around player experience. The Jungo platform supports the things that matter most about the players’ soccer experience:

  • Are kids having fun?
  • Are the parents happy with the overall experience?
  • Are our volunteers engaged and supported? 

Jungo’s mobile app connects the ecosystem of a player by linking players, parents, coaches, teams, and the Region in a real-time feedback loop to ensure that the experience provided is fun and positive for everyone.


Jungo is easy to use, provides instant interaction, and is mobile for all users. Click on your specific area below to learn more about how Jungo can help you as a coach, team manager, parent, and player. 

If you missed our live demo webinar, you can watch the recording here.


For Coaches & Team Managers

As coaches, you’re already managing many moving parts- player development, rosters, schedules, families, and everyone’s expectations. Jungo allows us to engage with all those things in a single place.

Here are ways Jungo is going to help you as a coach and/or team manager:

  • Engage with players and families through post-game reports and badges.
  • Through feedback, provide a development plan for a player.
  • Instant team-wide communication of schedules, events, and announcements through the team profile.

Here are a few tutorial videos to get you and your team set up:

You can use this customizable email template to invite your players to join once your team is set-up. 


For Parents & Players


Jungo Sports was built with the player in mind. The Jungo + AYSO allows players and parents to connect with their coach in a feedback loop that gives players and parents the opportunity to share their thoughts with their coach and vice versa to help create a development pathway for the player and team, while building a resume and expanding opportunities to advance.


This is what you can do with Jungo as a Parent and a Player

  • Link Player and Parent profiles on your phone
  • View child’s profile(s)
  • View all engagements (feedback, badges, ratings, evaluations) 
  • View child’s Self Evaluation
  • View and access all coaches connected to your child
  • Your coaches can provide feedback supporting your development (badges/ratings/evaluations)
  • Receive parent resources supporting your child’s athletic journey
  • Follow AYSO, your AYSO Region, and your team’s content, announcements, and resources
  • Connect with your child’s team and coaches for
    • calendar; practices, games, changes
    • Feedback about your experience (players and parents sharing with coach)

Below are links to a few tutorial videos to get you set up:

For Regional Admins

If you did not make it to one of our intro webinars, please find the recording here.

To help you engage your members, we have provided the following resources for you to share with your coaches and families.





Is Jungo free to use?

Yes, Jungo is free for all functionality needed to support AYSO programming. If a Player decides they want to see all the details and comments of their coach’s evaluation or rating then it costs $.99 per month or $9.99 per year.

What is the purpose of using Jungo
  • To simplify team, parent, player communications
  • To provide a platform for player, parent, and coaches feedback
  • To improve and enhance the overall experience for players, parents, and coaches

Can I access Jungo on my desktop or laptop?

No, Jungo is a mobile app based tool.

I have a young child and they do not have a phone. How do we access Jungo?

For younger ages, parents typically host their player(s) and their profile on the same phone, making it easy to switch between the profiles.  Jungo is a “family share” app on iTunes and GooglePlay, making it easier to share within a household.

Who owns the data and what does Jungo use it for?

You own your own data and can delete your profile at any time.  Data is never sold nor used for third-party advertising.  Data is only used to deliver programming through Jungo and in conjunction with our partners like AYSO.

I am a coach, what do I do first?

Download Jungo. Sign up and create your own profile and then add a team to that profile that your players can ask to join when they sign up.

I am a player, how do I get started?

Download Jungo. Sign up and create your own profile.  You’ll connect with your coaches, their team(s), and complete a self evaluation as part of sign up.

How do parents get connected with players and teams?

Players invite parents to link to their profile giving them access to their profile and the team(s) that the player is associated with.

How do I award badges to my players?

From the post match report you can see an award badge icon next to each player on your roster.  Click on it and award the relevant badge.  The initial badge categories and individual badges were provided by AYSO.

How do I make sure my players are receiving post match surveys?

Enter the teams game schedule in the team profile so all players attached can see the game schedule and Jungo will auto trigger a most match survey three hours after the game was scheduled to begin.

Will Jungo auto load our game schedule?

For this Fall the coaches will have to load their game schedules manually, which should take a minute or less per game.  In future season’s Jungo has committed to auto load AYSO game schedule.

The season has already started, should we still participate in Jungo for the Fall?

Yes, creating a coach profile, creating a team, and adding your players should take no more than 10 minutes and then Jungo will send post match surveys automatically after the games you load in the calendar, which will allow you as a coach to receive feedback from players and parents and will allow you to further engage by awarding badges for the behavior you want to enforce.  AYSO believes that Jungo can help dramatically improve engagement and experience for players and parents and even a partial season’s feedback will help AYSO and Jungo improve the offering for Spring.