Divvy – AYSO Financial Management

Divvy is a new and powerful financial management tool for Sections, Areas, and Regions (SAR) to manage your program finances quickly and easily. We all agree getting players on the pitch is our primary focus, and we hope these tools will allow you the flexibility, visibility, and efficiency to keep your programs on track.

Below you will find information on what Divvy is and how they will work for you.

Divvy is pleased to announce that we have recently opted to partner with VISA in lieu of Master Card.

Read on below to learn more about why this transition is taking place, as well as the logistics to make the change. If you currently do not have a Divvy card, you will just start with a VISA card and not have to worry about choosing a card type.

This exciting enhancement to the Divvy platform brings a host of improvements to AYSO such as:

  • Wider acceptance at more merchants, including COSTCO.
  • The fraud dispute process is more “customer friendly” and simplified.
  • New features can be added in the future such as “tap to pay”, “e-mailed receipts” and more.

So, how do you start the transition process?

  1. Simply e-mail visa_activations@divvypay.com to start the process for you. A VISA migration specialist will be assigned to answer any questions. Once the admin confirms that migration is desired, the AYSO office will authorize the transition.
  2. Note that this is a CONCURRENT transition in which part of your Divvy Master Card credit limit will be allocated to the Visa card. This will allow for those with high activity to start using the new VISA while allowing time for the Master Card transactions to clear.


A sample timeline to complete the transition is in the screenshot below:


You can opt to start the transition at a time that is most convenient to your programs operation. Don’t worry, you do not need to change tomorrow. Our goal is to have everyone transitioned in the next year. We feel confident that the VISA card will offer you a wider array of convenience with tools to make your expense management and running your program easier.

Questions? Please email Finance@ayso.org.



Q: Why Divvy?

A: It is a powerful tool that allows you to manage cash, expenses, users, and more. You can issue physical and digital credit cards to your staff from your available credit limit.

Q: What are the benefits?

A: There are several benefits that will create efficiencies.

  • Flexibility – Divvy allows you more purchasing options, as there are no limitations on merchant codes, you can have more authorized purchasers, which results in fewer expense reimbursement checks.
  • Support – The company provides live chat and extensive help desk hours.
  • And best of all, THIS COMES AT NO COST TO S/A/R.

Q: How does it work?

A: The Divvy Mobile app is easy to use and allows for the inclusion of receipts and coding of the transaction at the point of purchase. No more storage of hard copies.


VISA Transition FAQs:

Q: Will this impact my total credit limit?

A: NO. Your overall credit limit will remain. A small portion of that will be allocated to the VISA card during the transitional phase.

Q: Will I still be able to earn reward points for purchases?

A: YES. You will not lose what has been accumulated and will continue to earn.

Q: Will I have to redo all my Divvy budgets?

A: NO. All budgets will remain intact.

Q: Will all my virtual cards need to be changed?

A: Yes, all the virtual cards will need to be updated to a VISA number.

Q: How will I know who has a physical and/or virtual card?

A As each account is switched over, there will be a Visa Dashboard. This will show how many physical cards need to be switched as well as virtual cards. The admins of each account will be able to see this easily!

Q: Will I need to reconnect my bank account for the new card?

A: NO. The connection will remain intact and does not need to be changed.

Q: Will my billing cycles change?

A: NO. The billing cycle dates will remain intact.

Q: Will the fraud dispute process be easier?

A: YES. The VISA platform is more “customer centric” and has a larger window of time to submit a claim.