Welcome to Training & Education

AYSO believes that training and education is imperative to help AYSO remain a world-class soccer program.

AYSO strives to provide every volunteer with the best possible soccer learning experience. Every position in AYSO is provided with extensive training to help successfully manage a Region from coaches, referees, managers and administrators.

To access AYSOU, please follow the directions found here.


In addition to online education, AYSO has continuing education opportunities through RC and AD Training, EXPOs and The Coaching Manual.

Training Program Features:


AYSO’s coaching program features an innovative, age–appropriate curriculum, including in-person and online courses, interactive manuals, weekly training plans and online video demonstration content.


AYSO provides comprehensive training and an in-depth certification program to help volunteers become successful referees and stay engaged in your program to allow more kids the opportunity to play.


AYSO provides management training to equip Administrators and Region Board Members with the skills to run a youth soccer program with in–person and online courses.