Use of Copyright/Trademarked Content from Internet

April 2022

Use of content from the Internet

Most Regions, Areas and Sections have created websites which promote their programs and provide information to parents and volunteers.  It is important that these websites not use proprietary images or other materials unless a license to such images or other materials is secured by the program.

Websites are regularly scanned by automated systems looking for content posted to another organization’s website without authorization.  This includes content that is protected by a copyright or a trademark.

When unauthorized content is found on an AYSO Region, Area or Section website, the AYSO Office, Region, Area or Section may be notified of any detected unauthorized content.  These notices often include a demand for money for the unauthorized use and removal of the content.  While at times AYSO Office can help to negotiate the amount of money demanded, any settlement amount is the responsibility of the Region, Area, or Section responsible for the content of the website.

It is imperative that no one copy content and post it to your Region, Area or Section website unless you own it or have written permission from the owner to post it.  If there is any doubt as to the origin of the content, that content should not be posted to your website. AYSO has a gallery of AYSO and AYSO related images for your use that can found on our AYSO Volunteers site here.

Please make certain to share this information with anyone that has access to post content to your website.

Thank you for you cooperation.

The AYSO Office


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