AYSO Supply Center & Marketing Toolkit

The AYSO Supply Center & Marketing Toolkit, found here: www.aysomarketing.org , is the training and administrative supply center for AYSO and its volunteers, as well as the place where you can get all your marketing needs. It contains Playground kits, operational supplies, manuals, recognition pins, badges and flyers, banners and social media collateral that you can customize without the need for design software.

The site no longer requires an account login, just go to the sight and start shopping!

Here are some tutorial videos to walk you through the site and process:

AYSO Supply Center Tutorial Video
AYSO Marketing Toolkit Tutorial Video

If you have any questions, please email:

If you need help with your order, please email:

For your AYSO Playground uniforms, please contact SOCCER.com at:

Check out the 2022-23 SOCCER.com Uniform Catalog and Equipment Catalog.

If you are looking for promotional AYSO products or special gift items, please contact SOCCER.com or The Promotions Department.