MLS Grassroots Partner Ticket Request Process

Ticket Request

As a Grassroots Partner of the MLS, AYSO Sections, Areas and Regions, can put in a ticket request for certain games throughout the season to use as giveaways, raffle prizes, etc. They have a new format to make requests that you can learn more about below.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact, but please note that we do not control inventory or how tickets are distributed and to whom. That is all controlled by the MLS.

Guidelines for Requests

  • Requests for 2023 regular season matches must be submitted in a batch request of 1-2 months’ worth of matches at a time with more than 1 week’s advance notice of first match. Season long bulk requests cannot be fulfilled at this time.
  • Requests for Audi 2023 MLS Cup Playoff matches must be submitted by 3PM ET on the day following when next round match-ups are determined (i.e. 3PM after Decision Day will be the deadline to Request Tickets for the first round of Playoffs).
  • Tickets requested are not to exceed 4 per match.
  • Requested ticket amounts are not guaranteed, and subject to stadium availability.
  •  Mobile ticketing will be required at all venues. Mail and/or Will Call at the Stadium are no longer available.
  • Requests must be made per match for each specific Club/Venue.
  • Please note that the size of the seat blocks may vary from venue to venue and in some cases, tickets may be split into separate blocks that are not directly next to each other. For example, a request for 4 tickets may be fulfilled as 2 blocks of 2 in the same general area but separated by social distancing.
  •  All requested tickets should be used. If requested tickets are expected to go unused, please notify Jessica Ferreira ( as soon as possible and no later than two (2) business days prior to the match so he can work with the Club to put them back into the ticket system for sale. If unused tickets become a regular occurrence, your ability to request tickets will be impacted and possibly suspended or revoked.
  • Tickets are not allowed to be sold and that any violation of this policy will result in the cancellation of the tickets and loss of any future complimentary tickets.
  • Please visit the home team’s website for details on their venue specific policies and procedures (

Form for Requesting

Please find the link to the request form here.

Remember, this is for MLS Grassroots Partners only, please do not share this link outside of AYSO.

Again, any questions, please email