Proposed Player Fee Increase Information


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Here we aim to provide the information you need and answers to the questions you have about changes in the National Player Fee (NPF) that is going to be proposed for the Membership Year 2024, as you prepare to welcome players and volunteers to register for another season of AYSO Soccer!

Player Fee Increase

The National Board of Directors supports the development and presentation of an NPF increase. At the June 2023 National Annual General Meeting, AYSO Membership will vote on the motion to increase the player fees, from $20 per player to $25.  This is the first such increase since 2019, which will have been 5 years since the last increase. There are several reasons that necessitate this change that are shown in the document link below.

Please refer to the live webinar schedule below. Register for one or more of the events to learn more about the need for the increase and you will also have the opportunity to ask questions. This presentation will also be conducted at your Section EXPO event. To register for your specific EXPO, please visit AYSOEXPO.ORG.

Open Webinar Dates/Times (all times below are PACIFIC)

Thursday January 19th         4 PM – 5PM (Presenters: Michael Karon and Doug Ryan)

Monday January 23rd             3 PM – 4 PM (Presenter: Rick Buiteweg)

Thursday February 16th         3 PM – 4 PM  (Presenter: Doug Ryan)

Monday February 27th            5 PM – 6 PM (Presenter: Michael Karon)

Tuesday March 7th                    3 PM – 4 PM (Presenter: Doug Ryan)

Tuesday March 21st                  8 PM – 9 PM (Presenter: Michael Karon)

Wednesday April 5th                 8 PM – 9 PM (Presenter: Michael Karon)

Monday April 17th                 5 PM – 6 PM (Presenter: Rick Buiteweg)

Thursday May 11th                     4 PM – 5 PM (Presenter: Doug Ryan)

Monday May 22nd                      4 PM – 5 PM (Presenter: Doug Ryan)


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