Welcome to AYSO Member Support

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AYSO Member Support is here to assist our members and volunteers nationwide in any way that we can! However, many issues can only be solved by your local AYSO. Please locate your AYSO Region, and be sure to contact your Regional Commissioner, Area Director, or Section Director before reaching out to AYSO Member Support.

S/A/R Solutions

This microsite is your volunteer resource center for all things support related, from Member Relations to Marketing and Finance to Business Solutions. It will be updated frequently with resource guidelines you can download as needed.

What are S/A/R Solutions? Each month, Member Relations will create a support resource document for S/A/R’s to access that addresses the Top 10 Topics/Issues and their solutions that come to the AYSO Office. Our goal is to assist our volunteer leadership in addressing their members, as staff is limited in the AYSO Office.


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