Quick Links – Legal

Mandated Reporting, Safe Haven, Safe Sport, Arrests – Please email morgantookey@ayso.org the information.

Certificates of Insurance for Regions (COIs) -link https://aysovolunteers.org/certificates-of-insurance/

Complex contracts (e,g, Leases) for Regions. Areas or Sections – Please email the contracts or leases to morgantookey@ayso.org and cc AYSO Counsel Burton Haimes at bkhaimes@aol.com for review.

Region vendor, trainer contracts– Please use the link to Paid Services https://aysovolunteers.org/paid-services-agreement/ Follow directions and forward completed forms to morgantookey@ayso.org for review and approval.

AYSO Volunteer Applicant Questions, LIVESCAN, Background check status (e.g. No SSNs for BGC) —contact CVPA@AYSO.Org

Complaints/Urgent Requests from AYSO Executive Members (Regional Commissioners) – Please contact your Area or Section Director if your issue can not wait for morgantookey@ayso.org to reply.  See also link – https://aysovolunteers.org/ayso-reference-book/ for any general policy or regional operations questions.

Region Incident Reports form and instructionshttps://aysovolunteers.org/wp-content/uploads/2021/10/Incident_Report_Form_with_Instr_rev09102021.pdf

Player Insurance and claim form and instructionshttps://aysovolunteers.org/soccer-accident-insurance/