Certificates of Insurance

Certificate of Insurance (COI), or proof of liability coverage, is usually required by property owners such as school districts, city recreations departments, and private businesses before they issue a “Use Permit” to any organization requesting permission to use their fields or facilities.

New in 2023, AYSO has partnered with Player’s Health as our insurance broker who will assist our Regions, Areas and Sections with the ability to request certificates of insurance through their certificate team. All certificates previously issued will be automatically issued this year.

To request a new COI or modify an existing COI:


Step 1: Complete the Online Request Form

Note the following:

  • The Certificate Holder is generally the name of the school district, city, or business entity who is requesting the proof of insurance
  • Certificate Holder Name is who the Certificate will be issued to and should reflect the Name as specified on the insurance requirements provided by the requesting agency.
  • Certificate Holder Street, City, State, Zip and e-mail are the contact details of the Certificate Holder, not the location of field or facility.
  • Additional Information or Special Verbiage is where you can request additional coverage or special endorsements. Be sure to provide the exact information as specified in the insurance requirements documentation, be prepared to provide the insurance requirements if contacted, and note that special verbiage or endorsements will require longer than usual processing times.
      • Modify an existing Certificate by indicating in the Additional Information field: a) This is a Renewal, and b) The reason you are requesting changes.
  • The Requestor Information is on behalf of the AYSO entity who will be using the field or facility.
    • SAR Name and Contactinformation is required so that the insurance broker can clarify any request details if necessary.

Step 2: You will receive a confirmation email from Player’s Health stating someone will contact you within 2 business days.

Step 3: Your request will be promptly processed, and the certificate will be delivered directly from Player’s Health via email to the Requestor.  To prevent delays in processing, please provide all information on the COI Request Form.

If your Certificate (COI) for your Region is required immediately or if you need additional information about specific COI requirements email Player’s Health directly  at AYSOCertificates@playershealth.com