Certificates of Insurance

Certificate of Insurance (COI), or proof of liability coverage, is usually required by property owners such as school districts, city recreations departments, and private businesses before they issue a “Use Permit” to any organization requesting permission to use their fields or facilities.

New in 2020, AYSO has enlisted the help of Willis Towers Watson (WTW) to assist our Regions, Areas and Sections with the ability to request certificates of insurance through their certificate team, Proofs Direct. All certificates previously issued will be automatically issued this year.  Simply complete a fillable pdf form and email to WTW for any new certificate to be issued.

To request a new COI or modify an existing COI:


Step 1: Click here to download a Certificate Request Form


Step 2: Complete the form entirely, save the form, and email to certificates@Willis.com or fax to 888-467-2378

  • Use subject line “AYSO Cert Request (Region, Area, or Section number)”
  • If provided, attach a copy of the field contract, insurance requirements, and/or sample COI
  • If you are requesting to modify an existing COI, include a copy of the current COI on file

Step 3: Your request will be promptly processed, and the certificate will be delivered directly from the WTW certificate center via your chosen delivery method.  Turnaround times are within 24 hours of request. To prevent delays in processing, please provide all information on the COI Request Form.