CDC – Prescription Opioid Awareness

AYSO has partnered with the Center for Disease Control (CDC) to raise awareness of The CDC Rx Awareness Campaign, its first prescription opioid overdose prevention campaign to raise awareness of prescription opioid abuse and overdose.

Overdoses from opioids are on the rise and killing Americans of all races and ages. Families and communities across the country are coping with the health, emotional, and economic effects of this epidemic. The CDC Rx Awareness Campaign Toolkit was created to help CDC’s partners share the Rx Awareness campaign messages with their networks and communities. Together, we can reach a broad audience to raise awareness about the campaign and the risks of opioid overdose.

AYSO requires the new AYSO Opioid ELA Release Form, signed by a parent/guardian, acknowledging that they understand the risks of taking opioids.

Parents – Please print, sign and give to your Regional volunteer leadership at the start of your season.


AYSO Opioid Parent Release Form



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