CDC – Concussion Safety

AYSO has partnered with the Center for Disease Control (CDC) to use the “Heads Up” Concussion training tools in support of the following guidelines in order to ensure the safety of all our participants:


The AYSO/CDC Parent/Athlete Concussion Information Sheet should be used to inform parents and players about the potential risks associated with concussions. When required by state law, signatures of a parent and/or athlete must be obtained each membership year. See State Law Matrix for details.

CDC Heads Up Concussion Training is strongly recommended for all coaches, referees, executive members, Advisory Commission members, Section/Area/Region board and staff members. This training will be required for coaches and other “officials” as required by state law. Go to

The AYSO/CDC Coach/Referee Action Plan provides coaches/referees with the signs and symptoms of concussion and the recommended steps to take whenever a player exhibits any sign or symptom.

AYSO requires the new AYSO Participation Release Form, signed by a parent/guardian, acknowledging that the player has been given clearance before the player can return to play.

AYSO strongly recommends that parents/guardians seek medical attention whenever a player exhibits any signs or symptoms of a concussion and obtain a clearance by a medical professional before the player is allowed to return to play. When required by state law, parents must obtain a medical clearance in addition to completing the Participation Release Form.

If a player exhibits any signs or symptoms of a concussion and is removed from play or not permitted to participate, the player may not return to play for the remainder of that day.

The Region Safety Director must receive an AYSO Incident Report, signed Participation Release, copy of the signed Player Registration Form and copy of any SAI claim whenever a player is removed from play due to signs/symptoms of concussion. Fax/email forms to

The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) Concussion Information


CDC “Heads Up” Concussion Action Plan
AYSO/CDC Parent/Athlete Concussion Information Sheet (English)
AYSO/CDC Parent/Athlete Concussion Information Sheet (Spanish)
State Concussion Matrix 2020
AYSOU/CDC Online Training
CDC Heads Up Program
CDC Heads Up for Parents