Equipment Insurance

Equipment Insurance- Effective July 2023

Because Region equipment (other than golf carts and trailers) is not covered under the General Commercial Liability policy, AYSO has purchased Soccer Equipment Insurance (“Equipment Coverage”).

This is being offered for sport equipment (e.g., uniforms, balls, goals), field maintenance equipment (lawn mowers, field survey and lining equipment, etc.), concession stand equipment (and inventory), small storage sheds owned/leased/rented, and with prior approval other leased or rented equipment (portable generating lights).

Regions are responsible for the yearly premium. The premium is based on a rate of $2.50 per $100 of coverage subject to a $250 Minimum Premium. Example: $20,000 Limit of coverage divided by 100 equals 200 (Hundreds) X $2.50 Rate equals a total premium of $500.

Deductibles: $1,000 Per Occurrence for Theft and $500 Per Occurrence for all other claims (e,g, fire, vandalism). No coverage is provided for losses due to flood or earthquake. Please read carefully all coverage conditions, pricing and other information on the Insurance Application provided.


Click here for the 2023-2024 AYSO Equipment Plan Insurance Application