The Coaching Manual

As the Official Digital Coaching Education Partner of AYSO, The Coaching Manual has developed a unique and exclusive education membership program for our AYSO and AYSO United members that will include drills, practice sessions, videos and professional tips tailored specifically to our AYSO membership. The program DOES NOT replace our online certifications in AYSOU, however, it was created as an additional tool to complement the existing resources in AYSOU.

Offering additional quality content and methodology will ultimately help create the best possible training and playing environments for our players. We believe The Coaching Manual is a wonderful complement to our organization’s mission and goal to provide a world-class youth soccer program.

The Coaching Manual offers two package options to choose from. The first is the Freemium Model, which is AYSO content only and allows you to share sessions, management of content and invitations to exclusive AYSO Coach Education Digital Workshops. The second is the Premium Package, usually $48 but reduced to $40 for AYSO members for the year or $25 per season. In this Premium package, in addition to exclusive AYSO content, this package includes season plans, design tools and outside AYSO content.

The TopTekkers app for players is also part of this offer. The Freemium offer includes parent/player access to unlimited challenges and techniques. This platform also includes access to the Leaderboard and bespoke AYSO courses to engage players outside of season. The premium platform, which is $25 per player/year or $15 per player/season features all of the AYSO freemium offerings plus outside AYSO content and courses.

While The Coaching Manual’s exclusive AYSO program is OPTIONAL, we encourage you to visit AYSO’s exclusive landing page at to subscribe and learn more about each package option!