Safe Haven Reminders for Coaches


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Signed Player Registration Forms – Have signed copies of Player Registration Forms at every AYSO activity or event for emergency treatment authorization and contact information.

2 Registered Adults – Always have at least one registered Assistant Coach and/or Team Parent at every practice or game. No adult should ever be alone with a child other than their own.

Team Messages – Communicate all messages about practices, games or other events to parents and copy older players using secure, private options such as your Shutterfly Team site, emails, text and voice messages.

Player Privacy – Protect player identities by not posting names with pictures or jersey numbers and rosters on public websites, banners or in newspapers.

Key Documents – Have the following available and use/complete as necessary:

  • AYSO Incident Report Forms – to report illness or injuries requiring medical treatment, possible concussions, misconduct, AYSO property damage or loss, threats or lawsuits.
  • AYSO Player Participation Release Form – for parents to sign after a child has been ill or injured.
  • Soccer Accident Insurance Brochures – for parents when a child is injured during an AYSO activity.
  • Coach/Referee Concussion Action Plan – with steps for coaches in the event a player may have suffered a concussion and extra AYSO/CDC Parent/Player Concussion
  • Information Sheets –  to give to parents.
  • AYSO General Release Forms –  for parents to sign, authorizing coaches to allow their child to walk, bike or drive home themselves or with another designated adult.

Kids Zone – Support Kids Zone by reviewing the Coach, Player and Parent Codes of Conduct with your team members and families to help provide for a safe, fair, fun, family-friendly environment or safe haven.

Goalposts – Goalposts should be inspected before every activity to ensure they are securely anchored, counter-weighted and that nets are safely attached. No one should be allowed to climb or play on goalposts and children should not help move portable goals.