General Liability Policy

AYSO carries a General Liability policy and the policy period is July 1 through June 30 of the next year.

Who is covered: The Organization, its Directors, Officers, players, employees and volunteers for injuries or damages the Organization becomes legally obligated to pay, including applicable legal costs for defense.

Coverage Limits: $1,000,000 each occurrence / $3,000,000 aggregate Per Region

Coverage is provided for:

  • Participant injury
  • Spectator injury
  • Property damage liability
  • Activities necessary and incidental to the conduct of games or practices
  • AYSO sanctioned functions, including meetings, banquets and fundraisers

Please note the following are NOT sanctioned AYSO activities. Please review National Policy Statement 2.16.

Adults participating in

  • Soccer scrimmages or games with the youth players
  • Soccer games with other adults (other than the Adult League)
  • Fireworks (sale or detonation)
  • Amusement Devices (specifically excludes bounce houses, climbing walls, tractor pulls but also excludes carnival-type rides in general). Call the National Office for a full list. 800-872-2976

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