Finance Management FAQs

We are very excited to announce new and powerful financial management tools to the Sections, Areas, and Regions (SAR). We listened to you and worked collaboratively with select regions to provide you with modern solutions of today’s world. We all agree getting players on the pitch is our primary focus, and we hope these tools will allow you the flexibility, visibility and efficiency to keep track of your programs finances quickly and easily.

Please continue to send your questions to, we will add to this FAQ list as we go through the pilot process.



What is Zipbooks?

Is a dynamic and user-friendly accounting program that will replace NAP online.

Why Zipbooks?

It is an easy to use software that provides you with features that enable you to track expenditures, revenue, and provide for local reconciliation of all of your bank accounts.

How does it work for me?

It will be linked to your bank, so all transactions will be automatically imported, allowing you a real time view. In addition, this is a Green solution, as you can eliminate your storage challenges by using the cloud!

How does it help the Finance Team?

It will be our primary method of accounting for S/A/R activity that will be consolidated for the Tax reporting, which includes; sales tax, 1099, 990, all required to maintain our non-profit status. So, this will help AYSO, with our legal requirements for tax reporting necessary to maintain our non-profit status.

What is Divvy?

Divvy will replace our Wells Fargo P-Cards. It is a credit card used for the VMP fee and registration as before and other approved vendors/expenses.

Why Divvy?

It can be a new power tool that will allow you to manage cash, expenses, users, and more!
You can actually issue physical and digital credit cards to your staff from your available credit

How does it work??

The Mobile app is easy to use and allows for the inclusion of receipts and coding of the
transaction at the point of purchase. No more storage of hard copies. It is a simple drag and
drop process to get bulk transfer of your DIVVY transactions into your ZipBooks software so you
have a full view of expenditures.

What are the benefits of these two new partnerships?

There are several benefits that will create efficiencies.

  • Timesaving – Zipbooks connects to most banks for live import of transactions. NAP Codes are already set up for efficient coding of transactions and the platform ‘learns’ your coding choices for future transactions.
  • Flexibility – Divvy allows you more purchasing options, as there are no limitations on merchant codes, you can have more authorized purchasers, which results in fewer expense reimbursement checks.
  • Visibility – By keeping your accounting up to date in Zipbooks, Dashboards give quick month-by-month and year-to-date graphics of financial position and bank statements. Budgets no longer need to be provided to Office, Sections or Areas, as all will have View
    Only access.
  • Support – both platforms are owned by the same company and provide live chat and extensive help desk hours.
  • And best of all, THIS COMES AT NO COST TO S/A/R.
What do you need to do?

We are facilitating this transfer in geographic phases and your Region conversion is approaching. As the Executive Member of your Section, Area, or Region, you should reach out to your bank and request instructions on how to get “Online Access” to all your accounts.

Why do I need to reach out to my bank?

You need to ask for these instructions from your bank because you will connect each of your accounts to your Zip Book account at integration time.

Why do I need to reach out to my bank? Do I need to supply the bank with anything when requesting this information?

Yes, and we have assembled some documents on behalf of AYSO that they may request to facilitate obtaining online access. Your Section Director has them available for you. The primary document to provide them is the Beneficial Ownership form that the Federal Government now requires. Please provide the AYSO generic version to your bank. Should they determine that they want their own specific form, obtain a copy and forward to with all your account numbers for completion on your behalf.