Paid Services Agreement

See steps below:

1. Download and complete the Paid Services Agreement Form:

A. For Regions, Sections, and Areas – Paid Services Agreement Form.
B. For AYSO United – Paid Services Agreement Form – United

Both A and B must complete the following:

2. Download and complete the Paid Services Questionaire

3. Include a Certificate of Liability Insurance (click here to view a sample)

4. Include a business license obtained from city or county and a completed W-9 tax form.

5. For California:  Under new 2020 law, provider must fully complete the Independent Contractor Compliance formBe sure to include all required and supporting documentation.

6. Forward all items by email to National Risk Manager for processing and sign-off. Region MUST retain a copy.

7. A copy of the agreement shall be returned after signed by the National Office.

AYSO National Office
Attn: National Risk Manager
19700 S. Vermont Avenue, Suite 103
Torrance, CA 90502