Sponsorship & Fundraising – Best Practices

Need to engage your local businesses for sponsorship opportunities? Have questions about best practices for fundraising? Click on the links below to download tools and learn about best practices for working with your local sponsors.

Sponsorships, Fundraising and Marketing!

This topic is important to understand because AYSO is a non-profit and every sponsorship and donation helps keep player fees affordable and allows more kids to play soccer.

The very idea of asking for money or support can make people weak in the knees, so it is vital to understand how to navigate the information, questions and options.

Why are sponsors important?

  • They help defray costs, creating a more affordable local program.
  • They help build awareness of your program to a broader audience.

Why is fundraising for your program important?

  • An opportunity to share the AYSO story and the lasting impact.
  • Engage more people in the success of the program.
  • Allows more children the opportunity to play soccer in your community.

How does it compliment your Marketing Strategy?

  • Broadens your reach.
  • Focuses your messaging.
  • Builds your community engagement.

Are there types of sponsors that are not allowed? Yes, please see the list below for the types of businesses and organizations that should be avoided. 

  • Drugs, Alcohol and Tobacco (which includes cannabis)
  • Gun Shops or anything associated with firearms
  • Political Organizations
  • Adult Entertainment, Gambling, Bars/Winery*
    • *If the restaurant is a Bar and Grill or Winery, they cannot have their name or logo listed on your website, uniform or on-field banner. However, if you are hosting a silent auction or raffle that is geared towards adults, you can accept donations for those events to be included in the auction or raffle.

Fundraising and Sponsorship – Best Practices

Local Sponsorship Deck- PowerPoint Template

Sponsor Application Form Template

Memorandum of Understanding Template

Donation/Fundraising Ask Letter Template

Donation Thank You Letter Template