National Rules & Regulations Modifications

During the pre-game inspection of the players, the referee notices that one of the players has beads braided into their hair.

The referee should:

  1.  Have the player remove all the beads before being allowed to play.
  2. Allow the player to play so long as the beads are securely fastened to the head and do not present an increased risk to anyone.
  3. Have the player put on a beanie or head covering and tuck all of the beads into it.
  4. Allow the player to play so long as they promise to remove all of the beads before the next game.

There has been a modification to the National Rules and Regulations (2.VI.F) of the AYSO Reference Book. The modification addresses the motion approved by the NBOD on hair beads and medical devices, so numbers two and three are both correct answers. If the beaded hair is too short to tie up or back, a beanie or head covering may be used to secure the beads to the head.
(see picture below of beads in short hair)

Not Allowed – Hair Charms