Credits & Refunds

Account Credits

Account credits are the preferred and most convenient option for Regions trying to give a credit of their Region fees to parents for a future season. Account credits can be applied during the cancellation process in the Sports Connect Admin Portal.  Account credits are not based on Membership Year; any available credit will be applied to future orders until used in its entirety regardless of MY, season or program. Here’s how.

Discount Coupons

You can issue single or multiple use Discount Coupons in your Sports Connect Admin Portal.  Go to Registration >> Settings >> Site Settings>> Donations, Fees & Discounts >> Coupon Discounts.

Credit Card Refunds

Sports Connect can process bulk credit card refunds based on data submitted.  Amounts refunded cannot exceed the amount of the registration fees net of discounts.  National Player Fees may be included in the refunded amount.  See Guidelines below.

Additional Information

1. Complete the authorization form allowing Sports Connect to debit the Regional bank account for the amounts refunded. Sports Connect will send a Docusign document that is required in order to process the refunds.

2. Any refunds rejected due to an invalid or expired credit card will be reported by Sports Connect and the funds returned to the Region’s bank account.

a. Reporting will be provided back to you

b. If this happens, you have a few options:

i. move these transactions to the Check Writing service process

ii. issue an Account Credit

iii. Write a manual check from your regional bank account

iv. Virtual Gift Card, see how to use it here

3. Create an excel file with the Order Number and total amount to be refunded. Submit your file to Sports Connect using their customer service form.

Check Service Refunds

Regions may opt to manually write checks to refund cash/check registrations.  If the number of checks required to be written is prohibitive, the AYSO Office has contracted with a Check Writing Service  National Player Fees can be included in the refunded amount.  See Guidelines below.

Additional Information

  1. AYSO Office has to set up a master account with
  2. Regions wishing to use the check writing service will need to submit the sub-account application. Contact to start the process.
  3. Fees: Check writing service fees will be deducted with the refunded amounts as a single withdrawal from the region bank account provided in the application:
    1. Paper checks mailed via USPS – $0.35/check plus $0.55/postage
    2. Digital checks (example) emailed – $0.35/check

National Player Fee MY2021

At this time, National Player Fee paid for MY2021 can be refunded. The Region can choose to refund the National Player fee along with their Region fees at their own discretion.