Returning To Play Waiver

As guidelines are loosened and communities reengage in activities once again, it is imperative that Regions follow state and local public health department recommendations.

As noted in our Return to Play Guidance, there are several COVID-19 vaccines that add protection against severe illness, there is no way of eliminating the risk of infection. This should be clearly communicated to all participants, including players, parents and volunteers. As you develop your Return to Play programming, all your participants must sign the waiver in your Sports Connect/In League registration before they reengage with your program as a recognition of that risk in participating.

Recommended Protocol for Waivers:

  • Regions should note that the waiver has been added to the registration process for all parents and registered volunteers.
  • Non-AYSO Players would need the Non-AYSO Player Registation form, and the COVID-19 waiver.
  • Create a recording system to note who and who has not turned in their waivers.
  • Waivers will be assigned to their Sports Connect registrations, so no need for hard copies to be printed. If you have any issues with accessing this information, please email