Alliance Fees & Finances


  • ALLIANCE fees will be established by the local Area and Region and may vary from Area to Area. These fees can include ALLIANCE fees, state association player fee, state association team fee, AYSO player fee and possibly referee fees.
  • Teams MUST fund themselves.
  • Fundraising:
  • Appropriate AYSO fundraisers should be worked through the host ALLIANCE and approved by the AYSO ALLIANCE Director (in conjunction with Area Director).
  • Payment can be made by parents without participation in fundraising.
  • Donations are allowed from the player’s family, individuals, or businesses. A player’s family may elect to donate funds to the team; but a coach cannot require families to donate.
  • Players or Teams that leave the ALLIANCE program will forfeit their account funds to the remaining ALLIANCE program teams and will not be entitled to any refund.
  • ALLIANCE expenses should be reviewed and approved by the ALLIANCE Director as well as the Area Director and cut out of the Region or Area’s account, i.e., field rentals, tournament fees, etc.


  • All AYSO ALLIANCE programs must use the AYSO accounting program of record and must adhere to the financial policies and procedures described in Bylaws 1.04(l) and (m); NPS 3.1, 3.2, 3.9 and 3.10; Standard Policies and Protocols, Article Eight; Chapter 8, Regional Operations, Financial Matters; and the Accounts Receivable Section, AYSO Treasurer Manual.
  • All AYSO ALLIANCE Programs shall utilize the existing Region/Area or Section bank account established.  All monies from the program must be deposited into the existing account in a timely manner. If the account does not exist, please contact the AYSO Financial Services team.
  • An annual budget shall be prepared for each AYSO ALLIANCE Program to provide a basis for setting player membership and program fees and submitted to the AYSO Area or Section with the oversight responsibility for the ALLIANCE program.
  • All AYSO ALLIANCE Programs must ensure the financial integrity of the Organization by complying with the obligations established by Bylaw 1.04(l) and (m), including, the timely payment of all national player registration fees prior to the commencement of the season and, as applicable, throughout the season, in accordance with the registration requirements and procedures of the Organization.
  • Any suspected financial irregularity/fraud or misuse of funds must be immediately reported to the Area Director, Section Director and Finance Department of the AYSO Office.
  • AYSO ALLIANCE financial records shall be maintained in accordance with generally accepted accounting principles (GAAP.)
  • Agreements and contracts for facilities, services, etc. are to be approved and processed as required by AYSO governing documents.
  • Fundraising in various states may trigger the obligation to pay sales or other various taxes. Whenever fundraising is considered, the AYSO Office must be contacted to determine if a tax applies.
  • Tournaments must be self-sustaining if operated by the local ALLIANCE. Tournaments must be sanctioned by the appropriate tournament contact within the Section.
  • Please consult the AYSO Treasurer Manual for a discussion of additional requirements and “Best Practices” for the following:
    • Cash handling protocols.
    • Submission of monthly financial reports.
    • Coding of income and expenses.
    • Audits of finances conducted by National.
    • Reconciliation of registered players to player registration fees received,
    • Refund policies.
    • Requirements of auditors.
    • Volunteer reimbursement.
    • Attendance at Nationally supported Section events.
    • AYSO Supply Center purchases.
    • Other similar subjects.

(See Bylaw 1.04(l) and (m), together with the AYSO Treasurer Manual and the Treasurer’s Position Description contained in the Reference Book, Chapter 15.)