Policy – AYSO Standard Regional Policies and Protocols

Welcome to the heart of the American Youth Soccer Organization – its Region.

The AYSO Region is where “the beautiful game of soccer” meets the children of our cities, townships and counties and in the process educates and develops our Nation’s young people through AYSO’s six philosophies of Everyone Plays®, Balanced Teams, Open Registration, Positive Coaching, Good Sportsmanship and Player Development. (See AYSO National Bylaws, Section 1.01 and Article Two of these Standard Regional Policies and Protocols.)

These Standard Regional Policies & Protocols1 (P&Ps),  have been established as a Governing Document by the National Board of Directors (NBOD) pursuant to the authority granted in Article One, Section 1.03(a)(6) and (11) of the AYSO National Bylaws and in support of AYSO’s other Governing Documents (Articles of Incorporation, National Bylaws, National Policy Statements and National Rules & Regulations).2 They are designed to inform the Regional Leadership (Regional Commissioner and Regional Board Members) about how an AYSO Region must be administered, and to assure a successful and rewarding experience by our AYSO volunteers, players and families.

Pursuant to Bylaw 1.04(l) and NPS 6.1, the Region has the responsibility to operate in accordance with these P&Ps unless the Region has obtained permission from the NBOD or its delegate to vary from these requirements, through the addendum process set forth in Article Ten of these P&Ps. Any such variation must also comply with any Rules & Regulations appropriately adopted by the Region’s Area Director and/or Section Director, pursuant to Bylaw 8.03. To the extent that there may be any contradiction or conflict between these P&Ps, including any approved Addendum thereto and other AYSO Governing Documents, the other AYSO Governing Documents will prevail.3

While these P&Ps are intended to advise AYSO’s local leaders about what is required to operate a Region, suggested “Best Practices” about how to operate a successful Region can be found within the AYSO Reference Book Chapter 8.

Finally, know that you are not alone; Your NBOD, Section and Area Directors and the AYSO National Office Staff stand ready to support you and all who you serve. So, if you have questions, just ask!

For the full AYSO Reference Book and the latest updates, please click here. 

AYSO Standard Policies & Protocols Addendum A

AYSO Standard Policies & Protocols Addendum B