AYSO Hall of Fame

The AYSO Hall of Fame was established in 1996 to identify and acknowledge those extraordinary individuals who have made a historic contribution to the foundation, growth, enrichment and positive reputation of AYSO and the sport of soccer for children. Our online AYSO Hall of Fame may be viewed here.

Criteria for Selection to the AYSO Hall of Fame

AYSO has many ways in which persons who make a significant contribution to the organization at a local level are recognized and commended. The Hall of Fame is unique. Accordingly, selection to the AYSO Hall of Fame shall be focused on individuals who have impacted or benefited AYSO and its members on a national basis. There shall be three categories for candidacy:

An individual must have made an exceptional contribution at or near the inception of our organization (circa 1964 – 1970) or forged into new territory to bring AYSO beyond its original boundaries.

A Promoter of AYSO dedicated to the organization as a volunteer in any discipline, whose deeds and words made a truly extraordinary contribution to AYSO which should inspire AYSO’s youth and preserve its legacy; or

A Player in AYSO for at least two seasons who achieved enormous distinction by the level of his or her contribution to the sport of soccer and made a long-term impact on AYSO, with additional consideration given to integrity, sportsmanship and character.

An individual must have made a major, sustained impact that strengthened the organization, or enabled AYSO to achieve significant growth, a material increase in the potency of its programs or a greatly heightened reputation.

Note: Current AYSO Executive Members and AYSO National Office staff will not be eligible to be nominated.


Nomination Process of Inductees – Annual

A. Click Here for the Nomination Form and information on this year’s process.

B. Any person, except a current member of the Hall of Fame Commission, may submit a Nomination Form in favor of (i) another person who in due course will be considered by the Commission for a possible recommendation to the NBOD; or (ii) in favor of him or herself as such a candidate.

C. The Hall of Fame Commission Chair must receive a completed Nomination Form and three (3) supporting letters of endorsement, in order for a nominee candidate to be considered by the Commission.

D. All nominations shall be confidential. Soliciting, marketing or promoting a nominee candidate to any of the organization’s members or the media is strictly prohibited, and may result in an automatic disqualification of the nominee candidate.

E. Nominee candidates who are not selected for induction may be resubmitted and/or reconsidered in subsequent years at the discretion of the Commission.


Selection Process of Inductees

A. The Commission will review all nominations, collect necessary information and conduct interviews, if appropriate, of individuals endorsing a nominee candidate.

B. Except for the submission of a nomination form or supporting letter to the Hall of Fame Commission Chair, each person who nominates or endorses a candidate shall not contact any Commission member or any NBOD member regarding a nominee candidate unless the Commission or NBOD requests information from the person; a failure to comply with this procedure may result in automatic disqualification of a nominee candidate.

C. Upon a consensus of the Commission members, the Commission shall make its recommendation(s) in Executive Session to the NBOD.

D. The NBOD members shall examine the recommendations from the Commission and make their own collective decision with respect to each nominee candidate. The NBOD decision is final for that year.

Each person who is selected by the NBOD will be inducted during the following National Annual General Meeting.