The Regional Commissioner

AYSO’s National Bylaw 1.04 (n) and Standard Regional Policies and Protocols require a minimum of seven board positions:

Child Volunteer Protection Advocate (CVPA)
Regional Commissioners
Regional Coach Administrator
Regional Referee Administrator
Safety Director


The Regional Commissioner (RC) is one of the 7 required Regional Board positions as specified in the National Bylaws and Standard Regional Policies and Protocols. The Regional Commissioner (RC) is the head of the AYSO Region; having the responsibility and authority to direct the day-to-day business of the Region as described in Article III of the Standard Regional Guidelines.

The primary responsibilities of the Regional Commissioner (RC) include:

  • Supporting the AYSO Vision, Mission and National Programs
  • Collecting and disburse fees in a fiscally responsible manner, maintain records and submit
    reports as required by the National Office;
  • Appointing, at a minimum, a CVPA, a Treasurer, a Registrar, a Safety Director, a Regional
    Coach Administrator, and a Regional Referee Administrator;
  • Publishing Regional guidelines for the operation of AYSO within the Region which
    conforms to all provisions of the Standard Regional Guidelines;
  • Complying with the Soccer Accident Insurance plan and submit insurance claims
    according to current procedures;
  • Budgeting for and participating at AYSO’s annual business meeting, the National Annual
    General Meeting (NAGM);
  • Overseeing dispute resolution within the Region pursuant to Article Nine of the guidelines
    and AYSO operating regulations;
  • Maintaining oversight of the Regional Treasury by reviewing Region cancelled checks,
    bank statements, the National Accounting Program (NAP) reports, and periodically,
    internal financial control procedures in order to ensure fiscal responsibility.
  • Presiding at all Regional Board Meetings;
  • Regional Commissioner or delegate attendeding at least one Area meeting or Area
    conference call that was offered during the past year; and
  • Maintaining close liaison with the Area Director and the Section Director, and coordinate
    all extra-Regional activities through the Area Director.

The Regional Commissioner training requirements include:

  • Regional Commissioner Job Training
  • Orientation
  • Introductory Management Training
  • Dispute Resolution
  • AYSO’s Safe Haven
  • CDC’s Concussion Awareness Training
  • AYSO’s Annual Safe Haven Addendum

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