Region / Area Toolkit

This toolkit page features just a few of the handy documents and tools available to help you jump-start your new role as a Regional Commissioner or Area Director. Please be sure to visit several areas throughout this website for answers to all of your AYSO questions.

Participation Release Form

Participation Release Form

“Whew! I’ve Registered, Now What?”

Complete this sample letter and distribute it to new parents to eliminate thousand of phone calls!


Generic Photo Release

Use of this form grants AYSO the right to use still photos and video taken at AYSO events for AYSO promotional purposes. It covers parents, family members and others who may not have signed an AYSO application form. (NOTE: Commercial vendors shooting stills or video that will later be sold should use their own release. This form is NOT to be used for that purpose.)


Region Status Change Report

To be used when a Region is temporarily inactive or is to be closed permanently.

Region Status Change Report

Charter Region Status Form

To be used when a Pilot Region is being moved to Charter status.

Charter Region Status Appl-9-25-2018

AYSO Letterhead Template



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